Since 2018 our team of professionals has been structuring the Exchange, looking at principle vulnerabilities and adventures that went by throughout the years of trading Crypto in various exchanges. Manpreet (ARMONEY's CEO) figured out, at the time of selling mined crypto coins, exchanges were not playing fair and charging hefty coin conversion rates, price gauging, no or bad or robotic customer support, etc..

Our team found many vulnerabilities and loopholes in these exchanges, at the same kept the track of exploits and hacks..

R&D on Indian Crypto Market found that most Exchanges in India are charging staggering prices on Crypto, customers not getting a fair price on their desired buy/sell, trading, and withdrawals. Huge gaps and spreads between the buying price, with USD or USDT pairs when converted to Indian rupees is catastrophically high!

Indian Market is still reluctant to invest in crypto, because of difficulty in understanding platform functionality.

Many fear for the security of their assets, possibly due to lack of knowledge on buying/selling, regulatory clarity, and foremost price gauging by several exchanges leading to trust issues.

This will be taken care of here at ARMoney.com

Here at Armoney Crypto Exchange, users will have:-

  • Ease of use
  • Liquidity
  • Low spreads and fees
  • Security
  • Top-notch customer care and support

Let's get India connected.